Corey Perrine is a staff photographer for the Naples Daily News in southwest Florida. He began his career at Robert E. Lee High School in Springfield, Va. as an entertainment reporter for and cartoonist for The Lance in 1995. Swearing off the newspaper industry, after a rigorous two-year experience, he stumbled into it again after discovering his love affair for people’s stories and documentary photography.

After graduating from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography Dec. 2003, he experienced a brief stint at the local paper in Provo. That work lead him to a group of weeklies in Kansas City, Mo. While there, he was a regular freelance photographer for The Kansas City Star. In March of 2006 he was hired at The (Nashua) Telegraph and worked their until Feb. 2010. He advanced to his next job at The Augusta Chronicle, where he stayed until his boss was let go due to industry cuts in Aug. 2011. Seeking higher ground, he had a brief stint at the Omaha World-Herald and left after nine months, wanting to be at a paper invested in the community. He found that desire fulfilled at his current employer.

Corey’s work has been published in various publications around the globe and has garnered recognition along the way. He’s been recognized by Pictures of the Year International, the National Press Photographers Association, the Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar, the Northern Short Course, the Southern Short Course,, and state & regional organizations.

While not chasing light or a good story, Corey spends time with his beautiful wife, Sarah, and loyal cattle dog, Sam.

“What drives me is the ability to connect with people through images and reflect that to an audience to foster understanding. It is my hope I can be a voice for others, that my images provoke thought, conversation, create action and/or cause change. If I make you say, ‘wow,’ ‘whoa,’ laugh or cry, I’ve also done my job.”

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